Specific Highway Remedial Measures

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Project Reference / Title


Country of Origin

Date Added

BP4 001
Victoria Motorcycle Blackspot Programme

The MBP has been divided into three areas; loss-of-control crashes, intersection crashes and long routes with high numbers of motorcycle crashes.


MAR 2009

BP4 002
Safer Inspection Covers

An inspection cover with an anti skid coating is being used by Bristol Council.


MAR 2009

BP4 003
Shiny Side Up Signs

Low cost temporary poster/signs for positioning at PTW collision blackspots or routes.


MAR 2009

BP4 004
Involvement of PTW Groups in RS Engineering

Members of groups such as the British Motorcyclists Federation and the Motorcycle Action Group are invited to ride problem routes, armed with the accident history and come up with suggestions and solutions.


MAR 2009

BP4 005
Driver Awareness Campaign

Leeds City Council use on-street advertising media to encourage other road users to look out for PTWs at blackspots.


MAR 2009

BP4 006
RV32 Vision Zero Road

In May 2008 Norway opened what it described as a ‘Vision Zero Motorcycle Road’.


MAR 2009

BP4 007
Look, Look Again Signing

Calderdale council has installed signs on routes through the borough encouraging drivers to look out for motorcycles.


OCT 2009 (revised)

BP4 008
120 Blackspots, Paris

MdP is part of a working group with Pr√©fecture de Police committed to the study of 120 collision ‘blackspots’ in Paris.


MAR 2009

BP4 009
Review of Road Safety Audits

A review of recent urban Road Safety Audits undertaken in the UK to identify highway features regularly identified as hazardous to PTWs.


MAR 2009

BP4 010
IRAP Road Safety Toolkit

A searchable web-based toolkit for road safety specialists, to assist in the identification of appropriate collision remedial measures.


MAY 2010 (revised)

BP4 011
RiZA Barcelona

A system capable of identifying collision blackspots, suitable remedial measures and a monitoring facility. Click here for Presentation Accidents Management System Barcelona


MAR 2009