Good Practice Guide

eSUM Work package 3 identifies good practice projects which contribute to reducing urban powered two wheeler casualties. This forms a comprehensive resource for anyone working to improve road safety for PTW riders.

A literature search was completed to locate and access PTW safety projects. This was followed by a questionnaire distributed to organisations involved in PTW safety requesting information on any successful projects.

In total over 200 projects from across the world were assessed for their potential to contribute to a reduction in URBAN PTW casualties. The Good Practice Guide includes 107 projects. Work Package 3 was carried out by Transport for London as one of the eSUM partners.


The projects were classified into 6 themes.


  1. Clicking onto one of the Project Themes in the table above will take you to a summary of good practice projects in that theme.
  2. Next click on the project required. This will download a PDF document of the good practice example.
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